More and more people and businesses are getting their own website. Be it for a personal blog about their hobby or anything else that fascinates them or a business website. One reason is that it gets more and more important to have an online presence – especially if you have a business – as you basically don’t exist to most people if they can’t find you via an online search. But another one is that it gets easier and more affordable to get a website.

There are several software programmes out there that you can use to create your website.

  • Some free – some you have to buy.
  • Some you just use online – some you need to install on your computer to work on your website.
  • For some you need to get a domain name and hosting (and pay for both) – for others you don’t need to buy one or the other or even none of both.

The one I use and recommend when I get asked by people who want to start off is WordPress. But there is something quite confusing about it:

There are two different versions that are similar but not quite the same: and

Easiest to use is the version you get using It’s completely free (unless you need certain extras like mentioned below), you don’t need a domain or hosting and don’t need to install anything on your computer.
You get a domain like “” which is perfectly fine for personal websites but not recommended for businesses. But offers to redirect your website to a domain you registered somewhere else or with them for an annual fee of $12 or $17 respectively as per today.
There are several free features included when you sign up for You can choose between over 100 different templates, have as many pages on your website you like, get statistics about visitors and protection against spam comments.

So what is the disadvantage?
You are limited in the design of your page as you can only change the template up to a certain point and only use the widgets that are provided to design your website further as you can’t install new ones.

So if you want to have this flexibility you go for where you have even more templates to choose from and can install the widgets you need. You do have to register a domain name, get hosting for your website and you need to install the software on your hosts server but your website will represent you and your business better.

If you can’t decide what is the best way for you to go or decide is the right one for you but don’t have the experience or time to work with it contact me and we can have an informative chat about your options.