Not only websites are more and more important to promote your business. The use of Social Media is almost more important – if it is done right.

In a nutshell the pros are:

  • Social Media is a more effective way to connect with your clients – existing and future. You can engage with them, inform them about news, show your competence or even reward them for being or becomming your client.
  • Search engines, especially Google, include your Social Media activity in their algorithms. So your ranking in search results (Seach Engine Optimisation – SEO) improves with your use of Social Media.

And the cons:

  • Social Media can be very time consuming. Time you need to invest beside running your business.
  • If you do it wrong, i.e. use it too much and basically spam your clients or don’t react in an appropriate manner to any complaints they might post on your social page, you could damage your business.

So you need to think about your options and capacity.
There are companies that can look after your Social Media for you – but would they be able to represent you and your business 100%? Especially for small businesses it is important to be in direct contact with their clients.

If you are not sure how to decide or which option is the right one for you contact me and we can have an informative chat.