What do you do, when you are looking for information? If you want to find a business near you? When you are looking for accomodation within Ireland or abroad?
Most people go online and search for the information. And the amount of people will rise even more in the coming years with more and more people getting smart phones.

On the other hand about 40% of irish SME’s don’t have a web presence and therefore are loosing business as people can’t find them online.
Some of the common reasons for not getting a website are

  • money
  • time
  • knowledge (how to set up a website)
  • the believe word of mouth is enough
  • the believe they have / need local clients only

For that reason and to tackle especially the first three points the initiative of Enterprise Boards, Blacknight Solutions, Google and AnPost of getting irish business online was launched in May 2011.
It involves a free domain name and free hosting for one year, a €100 voucher for Google AdWords and reduced costs with AnPost if you are sending products to clients.
The Enterprise Boards then offer half day courses for €25 to support you in setting up your  website if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself and by the end of the course each of the participants will have their own website live.

This website might be a simple one but will help the businesses to get found online and to get used to having a website. And there are no limits to the amount of pages, a blog and a gallery are possible as well.

But in case you want at some stage a more branded and designed website you get full access to your hosting so you can upload any website.

I think it is a very good initiative and from what I hear a lot of businesses do take up this offer.

When you want to go for a more advanced website you can contact me for a first informative meeting. I can help you with my knowledge and experience and aim to take up as little of your time as possible.